Connections Research
Genealogical Research and Consulting

Exploring family history forges connections across time and circumstances.  We develop a deeper understanding of the challenges our ancestors faced, such as immigration, economic hardship, war, scandal, and premature death; we are inspired by how our families overcame those challenges to endure into the present.  We at Connections Research look forward to helping you find connections with your family’s history.


Genealogical Services

  1. -Research

  2. -Coaching

  3. -Organization

  4. -Education

Recent Projects

  1. -Presentation of genealogy case study to St. Andrews Society

  2. -Analysis of parentage information for 19th century woman with unmarried parents born in NC, raised in MA

  3. -Pedigree charts tracing lineage back six generations in the US or back to the country of origin starting at two different individuals

  4. -Analysis of  birth and death information for a 19th century couple in NY for client’s DAR application